Department of Applied Foreign Languages

Department of Applied Foreign Languages

Educational Objectives

The goals of the department are to:

  1. Provide students with a quality education preparing them for further study;
  2. Cultivate foreign language professionals well versed in business, technology, and management;
  3. Cultivate students’ sense of ethics and morals;
  4. Imbue students with a strong sense of international and business etiquette.


Department Principles         

The Department is dedicated to cultivating outstanding foreign language specialties in individuals to utilize their professional skills to compete in international and global job markets. By combing their foreign language skills and professional training with technological abilities, students will be fully equipped to respond to all social, business and community needs in the future.


Academic Programs 

The department offers the following program: Four-Year Bachelor Program: The four-year program recruits high school graduates from vocational high schools to major in English studies.


Special Features  

The Department emphasizes the importance of foreign language training through industry- academic cooperation, and it has been awarded grants by the Ministry of Education (MOE) in recognition of the Department’s efforts in this respect. 

The Department is also dedicated to improving English instruction campus-wide by assisting students in passing English proficiency tests.

The Department has four native English speakers on the faculty providing English speaking and writing teaching, providing an English speaking environment that enhances student English studies.