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Welcome to Our Department

Department of Applied English

Teaching target

The Department of Applied English

1.combines both theory and practice to train students to be fluent in language.

2.enhances students’ ability in English teaching and relevant business fields.

Faculty and staff

The Department of Applied English is divided into foreign language teaching, international trade and commerce, and literature. There are 28 full-time faculty members in total, including five native English speakers, one professor, six associate professors, 10 assistant professors, and 11 lecturers.

Teaching facility

The Department of Applied English has three specialized classrooms in language training and language learning environment, which are used to enhance students’ listening and oral speaking skills, as well as to be used by courses for news English, drama, teaching techniques of young learners, and speech. In addition, the Self-Learning Center provides several online programs, including Correct English, and Live ABC, for students to use.

Certificates counseling

The Department of Applied English aims to cultivate students’ ability in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating. All graduates will have English certificates, GEPT - intermediate or higher, and professional certificates, TQC or TKT

Future education and employment

Students can work as a secretary, English teacher, translator/interpreter, leader/guide, flight attendant, or have some further study.